Safety Leadership Masterclass

After the success of the World HSE Week 2019, we are coming up with the Advanced Edition: Safety Leadership Masterclass on 7th April 2020, as a part of the World HSE Week 2020. In this course, the objective is to clarify exactly what is meant by the term safety leadership. We will explore the origins and evolution of safety leadership, point out and discuss some of its limitations and shortcomings, as well as identify how researchers and practitioners are starting to think about safety leadership currently. In the concluding workshop, we will bring all these ideas together through the LEAD model of safety leadership—this is an evidence-based model that covers all the major theories of leadership and has been adopted by regulators and heavy industry across Australia.

HSE professionals should attend this course if they would like to gain exposure to the latest thinking in safety leadership, and discover practical tools and methods that they can use back in the workplace. The course integrates current and emerging research, as well as industry case studies and examples to show how theories and ideas been practically applied.

The Course Expert

Masterclass Objectives

Who should attend

The trainer is a Lecturer at Griffith University’s Safety Science Innovation Lab and Co-founder of boutique consultancy ‘The Culture Effect’. The trainer is an experienced Organisational Psychologist with extensive experience in work health and safety, and has a particular interest in leadership and culture. The trainer teaches the Safety Leadership programme at Griffith University alongside Prof. Sidney Dekker and Dr. Drew Rae, and has a high research and industry profile, having done numerous presentations and keynotes at academic and applied conferences.

The trainer is currently studying a PhD with Profs. Andrew Neal and Mark Griffin. Recently, the trainer’s work was acknowledged by the NSCA and the Queensland Community Achievement Awards, having reached the finalist stages for both award programs.

The course will use a variety of learning methods to transfer knowledge, build skills, and importantly, keep attendees engaged. Icebreakers and warm-up activities will be spread throughout the day to break up the content. Lecture and traditional teaching methods will be extended through individual and small group exercises. Discussion will occur throughout the course, to ensure participants understand key concepts and address any uncertainties.

Participants will receive a ‘micro-credential’ from Griffith University acknowledging their participation in the course, which can be used to gain further employment opportunities and gain admission into tertiary education courses such as the Graduate Certificate of Safety Leadership run by Griffith University.

• Corporate HSE Directors, Managers and Advisors
• Operational HSE Managers and Advisors
• Process Safety Managers and Specialists
• Asset Integrity Managers and Engineers
• Quality Assurance Managers and Quality Control Inspectors
• Maintenance Managers and Engineers
• Corporate HSE Audit Personnel
• Purchasers of HSE Support Services
• Project Managers and Engineers
• Project Compliance Engineers
• Insurance Managers to the Oil and Gas Industry
• Risk Managers
• Specialists in Oil and Gas Finance, due diligence,
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Business Owners