HSE Masterclass

After the success of the World HSE Week 2019, we are coming up with the 3rd Advanced Edition: HSE Masterclass 2020 on 5 – 7 April 2020, as a part of the World HSE Week 2020. Oil and gas companies handle the most dangerous chemicals and processes across all industries. Catastrophic incidents and casualties are products of the failure to manage process safety. The danger present in everyday operations is evolving thus it is essential to always improve in handling risk and hazard. Most companies already have established safety guidelines to follow.

However, there is a constant need to continuously improve implementation and existing methodologies in order to gain better efficiency and attain optimal operations in a safe work environment. This course addresses the above needs in process safety management. Aside from learning the methodologies and techniques in reducing risks and hazards, it will also integrate the concept of business continuity improvement to address how to further develop existing methodologies that companies have.

The Course Expert

Masterclass Objectives

Who Should Attend?

He is currently the owner and senior HSSE consultant for Worldwide Safety Company, and is primarily responsible for preparing presentations and working with companies on HSE, Behavioral Based Safety, Waste Management, Incident Investigation, Effective Inspections & Audits as well as designing Safety Management Systems for global operations. He has been in the industry for more than 40 years.

He was the HSE Advisor at BP Rumaila Operating Organization [ROO] in Iraq with the responsibility for assuring the implementation of the ROO Drilling and Work Over HSE Safety Management System and procedures through the contractor’s SMS.

Prior to joining BP, he had worked for 22 years in fifteen different countries in Middle East and the African Region. He worked in various roles like HSE Advisor, Sr. HSE Manager, Project HSE Manager and HSE Engineer with companies like Sterling Energy, National Petroleum Construction Company, Pride Drilling International, Government of Saudi Arabia, Nabors Drilling International, ENI and Genel Energy and Smedvig Co. Int’l.

  • IMPROVE ability to comprehend safety strategies and global safety direction
  • INTEGRATE risk & hazard reduction methods across the full spectrum of safety elements
  • UNDERSTAND the critical elements necessary for designing safety into everyday business
  • GAIN practical risk reduction methods ready for implementation
  • APPLY techniques in process safety management through practical exercises and industry case studies
  • MANAGE high-risk working environment
  • OVERCOME the limitations and blocks to achieving optimal safety performance
  • PROMOTE business continuity improvement through understanding of safety systems
  • Corporate HSE Directors, managers and advisors
  • Operational HSE managers and advisors
  • Process safety managers and specialists
  • Asset integrity managers and engineers
  • Quality assurance managers and quality control inspectors
  • Maintenance managers and engineers
  • Corporate HSE audit Personnel
  • Purchasers of HSE Support Services
  • Project managers and engineers
  • Project compliance engineers
  • Insurance managers to the oil and gas industry
  • Risk managers
  • Specialists in oil and gas finance, due diligence,
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business Owners